Assassin’s Heart, by Sarah Ahiers

Assassin’s Heart is a Young Adult fantasy about Lea Saldana, a seventeen year old assassin who belongs to the top family of assassins in Lovero. In total, there are nine families of assassins, and they are allowed to legally “clip” people because their city’s patron goddess is the goddess of Death and Resurrection. The families … [Read more…]

Lion, Lion by Miriam Busch and Larry Day

Lion, Lion is a picture book about a little boy who’s looking for Lion. He encounters a giant, vaguely threatening lion, and tension increases when the lion says he’s looking for lunch. I don’t want to give too much away, but the boy endeavors to help him find some lunch. Along the way, the boy … [Read more…]


I graduated from Hamline’s Master of Fine Arts in Writing for Children and Young Adults this past Sunday. I knew the journey would be a quick one, and it was. It’s hard to believe that I won’t be working on a writing packet and I won’t be assigned an advisor. It’s been a great ride. … [Read more…]

Pull the Plug

DR. JONES: Pull the plug. We’re wasting our resources with this simulation. GRAD ASSISTANT BEN: But doctor, this simulation has come a long way. JONES: Has it? I don’t see how it can be redeemed, quite honestly. BEN: Just give it a little more time. JONES: It’s already degrading the server. We might as well … [Read more…]

Critical Thesis Presentation

I just completed my third semester in Hamline’s MFAC program. I had to write and present a critical thesis. If you’re interested, here is the presentation I gave on my paper. Maybe I’ll post the paper at some point, too. One semester to go!

All the Stressors, All at Once

For a while I was writing a blog post twice a month. Then it was once a month (still, not bad for me.) Then life happened. This is my first blog post in close to four months. So, here’s what’s been happening: We had a baby! Daughter number three was born on April 24th. Of … [Read more…]

In Defense of the M.F.A.

I read an interesting article titled Why Writers Love to Hate the M.F.A. The article details the rise in MFA programs and discusses the backlash to it. Overall, it’s a pretty balanced article that says, “There are more MFA programs now, and some people don’t like that.” (Don’t be threatened by my mad summarizing skills – I’m … [Read more…]

Adding Value

Policy makers that aim to dismantle public education enjoy calling themselves “reformers.” Scott Walker likes to pretend he’s championing the common good when he takes on those teachers’ unions, which is basically the same thing as taking on ISIS. Because you see, teachers are terrorists. One way to undermine public education is to unfairly test students … [Read more…]

Stress Test

At work we are facing the end of the trimester, which means report cards are going to be due and parent conferences are coming up. It’s a busy time. Additionally, we are preparing to take the PARCC test, which is the national standardized test that is supposed to cover the new common core standards. The … [Read more…]