Women’s March (Chicago)

“Love trumps hate! Love trumps hate!” This was one of many chants that my wife, daughters and I heard and participated in as we marched in the Women’s March in Chicago. The event was inspiring, the weather incredibly accommodating. Remarkably, the sun came out for the first time in a few weeks, and the temperature … [Read more…]

Anti-Vaxxers and American Anti-Intellectualism

The measles have come to Chicago’s suburbs. The measles. You know, that completely preventable and once eliminated disease that used to kill children every year? Anti-vaxxers are to blame, plain and simple. I’m not the first to say it, obviously. Critics of vaccines are getting sad because people are blaming them for this. Aw, that’s too … [Read more…]

The SCOTUS’ War on Women

It has become clear to me that the Supreme Court is (majority) occupied by slaves to corporate entities. Each major decision is a win for big business and a loss for everyone else. When given the chance to extend an obvious right (marriage) to all people, the Court ruled in the most narrow way possible. … [Read more…]