Forever Unclean

I was reading in bed last night when I heard a strange splattering noise coming from my daughter’s bedroom. I ran in to find my middle daughter sitting in her sister’s IKEA desk chair with her pants around her ankles. She was not awake. Her body must have sensed the chair and thought, “good enough.” … [Read more…]

On Parental Dread

I had a dream the other night that my nine-month old daughter died. She is my third daughter, and I’ve had this dream about the other two as well. It’s a completely jarring experience. In this most recent dream, Hattie died from an illness, and she was scheduled to see the pediatrician the very next … [Read more…]

Pull the Plug

DR. JONES: Pull the plug. We’re wasting our resources with this simulation. GRAD ASSISTANT BEN: But doctor, this simulation has come a long way. JONES: Has it? I don’t see how it can be redeemed, quite honestly. BEN: Just give it a little more time. JONES: It’s already degrading the server. We might as well … [Read more…]

All the Stressors, All at Once

For a while I was writing a blog post twice a month. Then it was once a month (still, not bad for me.) Then life happened. This is my first blog post in close to four months. So, here’s what’s been happening: We had a baby! Daughter number three was born on April 24th. Of … [Read more…]

The Shed

Once upon a time there was a shed. It was illegally built under the power lines. It almost tripped up our purchase of our home. Lawyers. We said we’d take it down. We were going to take it down last summer when we discovered that a poison ivy tree was growing inside of it. Yes, … [Read more…]

Saying Goodbye to Our Dog

Well, today was absolutely terrible. We had to euthanize our dog, Molly. Her decline was precipitous: she started retaining fluid, stopped eating, and had trouble breathing. The vet figured it was cancer or heart failure. Expensive tests and treatments were not going to reverse the outcome. It’s been hard to see her suffer these past few … [Read more…]

Is Art Selfish?

Yesterday I attended Gene Luen Yang’s opening lecture at the Festival of Faith and Writing. The title was, Is Art Selfish? Great question. Yang presented many anecdotes from his own life, illustrating how he has struggled with this question. He began writing comics in fifth grade, and he would isolate himself from others during lunch periods to … [Read more…]

My Day Job

Today I had to do a bunch of work for my real job: teaching. I created five lesson plans and made videos for them. This week I’ll post them to my teacher website and mass learning will occur. I’m super organized at work this year, because I know that I have exactly NO TIME for … [Read more…]

Inspired by Mo Willems

Fiona woke up this morning and immediately carried two Knuffle Bunny books into our room. She hopped into our bed and read them aloud to us. She mentioned that she really liked how Mo Willems drew cartoons on top of real photographs of his neighborhood. Then she decided that she wanted to do the same thing … [Read more…]