The SCOTUS’ War on Women

It has become clear to me that the Supreme Court is (majority) occupied by slaves to corporate entities. Each major decision is a win for big business and a loss for everyone else. When given the chance to extend an obvious right (marriage) to all people, the Court ruled in the most narrow way possible. … [Read more…]

The Shed

Once upon a time there was a shed. It was illegally built under the power lines. It almost tripped up our purchase of our home. Lawyers. We said we’d take it down. We were going to take it down last summer when we discovered that a poison ivy tree was growing inside of it. Yes, … [Read more…]


So the school year ended and now it’s summer vacation! Except that I am working. I am teaching two summer school classes. I shouldn’t complain. They are pretty easy. One is a class I designed called Fantasy Baseball. I created spinner wheels for myriad historical baseball players, based on their statistical probabilities, and students face … [Read more…]

Home Stretch

Hey! It’s been a while. Looks like I only wrote one post last month. And it was about our dying dog. Sad! I have been far too busy to update this blog. But I have been writing. And reading. And writing. Always with the writing. You’d think I would have gotten further on my work. … [Read more…]