Spring Break

Today marked the first day of spring break for Fiona and me. We’re not going anywhere, other than the library, but I’m hoping to get tons of writing done in the coming days. I told Fiona she could come to the library with me as long as she was quiet and let me work. She … [Read more…]

Still Plugging Away

It’s been ten days since I posted anything on here. I had hoped to post more frequently, but stupid life has been getting in the way. Work wise, I have two more days at the office before Spring Break. Everyone keeps asking me if I’m going anywhere. Hell yeah, to the library! To write! It … [Read more…]


Today I received an 11-page letter via email about my writing. It turns out that I’m not completely out of my depth when it comes to writing. I received many positive comments about both my critical paper and my manuscript. I wasn’t necessarily looking for accolades, but I suppose I wanted to know the answer … [Read more…]

Inspired by Mo Willems

Fiona woke up this morning and immediately carried two Knuffle Bunny books into our room. She hopped into our bed and read them aloud to us. She mentioned that she really liked how Mo Willems drew cartoons on top of real photographs of his neighborhood. Then she decided that she wanted to do the same thing … [Read more…]

The Packet Is Off!

Today I printed out my materials and made my way to the post office. Over a month’s worth of work – gone! It seemed like I wasn’t really sending that much work in at all, but it was about 75 pages in total, plus a 10-book annotated bibliography that I sent via email. I’ve written … [Read more…]

The Problem with Reading Good Books

I just finished reading Code Name Verity, by Elizabeth Wein, and wow, was it good. It was good for so many reasons. The characters were written well. The book was action-packed. It carried a lot of emotional weight. It’s one of those books, like The Book Thief, that I won’t be able to stop thinking about for … [Read more…]