Writing Community

My daughter Callie spiked a fever in the middle of the night last night. Normally, we wouldn’t be that concerned about such an event. Been there done that. But last night it came out of nowhere. She was fine all day, and then in the middle of the night, she started coughing terribly and she … [Read more…]

Grinding It Out

It’s not great. But it’s done. I wrote chapter four of my novel today. It’s only about ten pages long, and those ten pages were hard fought. I have to step away from it for a little while, and revisit it with a mind to revise/rewrite the whole thing. This was the first time that … [Read more…]

Critical Paper

Today is Saturday, which means that I had to write like nobody’s business. I’m finding that Saturday is the key day – I don’t really have time during the work week to write. Fortunately, my dad was available to watch the girls while Bromleigh and I ventured off to the library. We found a quiet … [Read more…]

Life Imitates Art

Last night, I told my girls a Febreze and Caliente bedtime story. It was a pretty big hit, so after they fell asleep I wrote it down and posted it. Today, my daughters were at home with my dad, thanks to a teacher institute day (I got to go to meetings all day, and they … [Read more…]

When All Else Fails, Read

Not much writing happened today, but I did attack other parts of my assignment. We are to read 10 books and complete an annotated bibliography, where we discuss craft elements of the book. Last night I stayed up until about midnight reading Gary Schmidt’s novel, Okay for Now. Wow, just wow. I had to save the … [Read more…]

Revise and Outline

Today I slept in and missed some solid early morning writing hours. Instead, I had bizarre dreams about giant bug-like things with fur invading my house. Gross. When I did get up, however, I felt pretty productive. I reread and revised my first three chapters, and then started outlining some of the upcoming chapters. I … [Read more…]